Hi there!

I started writing stories at six years old, tapping away on my parents’ Windows 93, and I never really stopped. I hold a BA in English Literature/Creative Writing (cum laude) from Yeshiva University. After graduation, I worked as an editorial assistant for Thieme Publisher’s educational division in New York City. In 2013 I moved to Israel with my husband so he could further his education and fulfill a lifelong dream. Now, I copy-edit and proofread texts from 300 to 100,000 words for publishing houses, businesses, and independent clients. Editing and wrangling our toddler are my full-time jobs. Guess which one is easier. (I’ll give you one guess!)

Words and writing are my passion. Stories of any kind – fictional, autobiographical, and academic alike – are best told when they are free of error, of any bumps in the reader’s road. This is why I feel personally committed to producing clean, seamless text. Smoothing out the grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage, diction, structure, and style is a process of massaging out the chaff so the final text sings.

That’s my story. I can’t wait to hear yours.